Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Digipak Mini Model

- click picture to enlarge - 

The picture above shows the printed template of a digipak that I had gotten offline, I then drew my idea on to it, which shows the outline of a pair of shoes as the front cover, however the laces extend up too the inserts sleeves, as well as representing his laces, I also wanted it to represent the idea of the River Thames, or his path of journey - which is why I included little images of london skyline buildings etc, to set where it was. The sleeve in which the cd would sit, also contains more line art, and squiggles of different colours, representing his journey, and the london tube map.

Below are pictures of a mini version of my digipak:

I am still in the process of editing from this idea, I want to add more images of buildings etc on to the laces to make it more eye catching, however it cannot look to crowded, as it wouldnt match the style of Ed Sheeran's more simplistic approach that I wanted to show.

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