Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Coursework: Final Poster Advertisement

My poster was created by using Photoshop and a Wacom Bamboo tablet, using these allowed me to explore in to the creativeness of all the ideas that I had. It was essential to include the shoes that my video revolves around, and also the digipak includes also, so this iconic symbol would relate back to the artist. Yet again it is also in black and white, very much so like my video and digipak, the only colour to be seen is the Central point in the poster of the lines. This was inspired by the line art idea that I had, but more so by the tube lines integrating with on another as he travels all around, which is why I placed the image of his shoes on top showing his journey. I think that the poster is a good way to advertise the musician, it does not give too much away about the genre, song, or musician himself if the audience was never to heard of him, however I think that it draws the attention of the audience and would want to make them know more.

I used the theme of line art again when creating  the laces etc. I used the Bamboo tablet to draw on the laces, and too then outline images of london landscapes/skylines. I added these to make the page a little bit more busy, but also to relate to the song, and the title itself, I think that it fits well within the poster to finish it off, and also makes it look more modern and appealing to the younger audience.

In the bottom left corner is an image of a paw print, this is added to represent Ed Sheeran, as he include this on all his media products, the paw print represents his own record label that he created and signed himself too when still trying to reach fame. The symbol is famous and iconic of the musician, so I felt it was important to include it, as this is how he is recognised by the audience members.

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