Saturday, 29 October 2011

Collage of Ideas

Above is a collage of ideas that came to my mind when I played my chosen song, I instantly thought of London and the city, and the momuments that are well known there. I also thought about Ed Sheeran and his style/previous music videos, and how I was going to portray this. I got a picture of a boys shoes, because I had an idea of, focusing on the boys feet in my video and him walking alot - showing the journeys/travels that he is doing and also because that could resemble anyone, it makes it almost mysterious as he would fade in to the crowd of different people amongst him.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Analysing a music video 1

As I was researching into older music videos to gain further knowledge and inspiration, I came across 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' by Bob Dylan, released in 1965 and of the genre of folk rock so it relates in terms to my chosen genre. Although its a very early video it is also very well known, and remembered, known and listed as one of the first modern promotional film clips, now called music videos.

Bob Dylan himself came up with and made the cue cards that are featured through out the video, which present to the audience the lyrics - however some are purposely mispelt or slightly changed. He stares into the camera whilst holding the cue cards, as they show in sync with the music, however he is in different locations and still has people around him creating scenes for the audience within medium and wide camera shots. The video is in black and white due to the time period it was made in, however I like the effect it gives off.

The signs personally made me focus on the music itself much more, because the lyrics where placed infront of me, I found myself looking at the lyrics taking in what was being said within the lyrics, along with the music.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Target Audience Survey

On the 30th September 2011, I had completed my survey and sent it out to a variety of people using social networks like Facebook and Twitter, where people of the youth age would see it. I asked a variety of questions that I would benefit from when collecting all the information, my first question was asking if the person was female or male,  too see what response I got from which gender. I then asked different questions on their fashion interest/shops, favourite film genres, how they gain their information and many questions on music styles and favourite music videos. Below are some screen shots of the questions, once I have gotten a few more results I will collect the data and analyse it.

The most common favourite film genre was Romantic Comedy then second next Musicals/Dance films, this has made me thought about the context/story of my music video in relation to the common themes that run through the genre. Also I have learnt that around the middle is where most people sometimes read newspapers etc to gather their information however with 50% on the highest rating Online is the most common place that the people find and go to to get their information. Next was the question of favourite music genre, the top four results where Dance, Pop, Indie and RnB. My area of interest for my song however leads towards Indie and slightly pop, however this has helped to see what people of the target audience are listening/watching, so to gain more insight in these genres and their popularity I am going to watch music videos of each genre to gather some inspiration of ideas to help towards my own planning. I also asked how people typically watch music videos, Myspace has 0 votes, the next popular was TV a 50% response and the top vote with 84.6% was YouTube. I have benefited from putting this question in the survey as I have found out where my specific target audience typically go to watch music videos, so having it on YouTube will guarantee views as the most popular site. I also asked what devices people use to watch videos, and again the most popular was using the computer/Internet. I also wanted to know which types of music videos people liked when it came to the pace of the  video, if it is simple or energetic/ funny the most popular was Energetic/Rapid so I would have to think about how I could use elements of this in my video, or if I was to even use this. The last question I asked was a optional question,  where I asked if they had any favourite music videos and why it was. Most of the answers are very famous and popular music videos that each have its own signature that make the audience remember key points of it for example; Beyonce's music video 'Single Ladies' which is memorable for the three ladies dancing, the moves and gestures. Also more recently Ed Sheerans music video to 'You Need Me Man, I Dont Need You' where Ed Sheeran himself makes a small appearance, and the rest of it is simply a young boy in a simple studio showing the lyrics in sign language, which is very clever and unique for his type of genre.

To view my survey click the URL here, My Media Lifestyle Survey

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Music Channels

There is a growing number of worldwide music channels that in which present the knewest and top songs to its audience, the biggest being MTV. The channel shows a variety of music genres, below is a list of the channels shown in the UK alone;

MTV +1
VH1 Classic
Viva (replaced TMF)