Friday, 9 March 2012


Before creating my own Digipak, I looked at Ed Sheeran's current/previous cover work for his music, to gain influence in creating a digipak in the style of Ed Sheeran.

The cover above is for his latest album '+' which as you can see is very appealing and eye catching to the audience. His face is  the main focus of the cover, instantly relating the album to his work. The album name is only a small detail in the corner of the cover.

I then looked in to Ed Sheeran's CD Covers for the released songs from his album '+' to gain further inspiration to follow in the style of him  to make it iconic and memorable. The CD covers are all very similar and simple, in the way that it is a white background with sketching/drawing of things relative to the song, including a screen shot of 'The A Team' edited into a sketch, a drink for 'Drunk' and a sketch of himself for 'You Need Me, I Don't Need You' as it is about himself. Also for his song 'Lego House' the center image is also sketched, with lego bricks. I was very interested in the idea of sketching/drawing and the line art that is within it, also the effect of black and white as my video is edited this way. See the pictures below for exampls, click to enlarge.

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