Thursday, 15 March 2012

Idea's for a Digipak

To begin to get ideas for my final piece, I found a picture off of Google of a drawn black and white animated landscape of London/Buildings. I put this on to Photoshop and Google Paint, and began editing, finding ways to make it look interesting - so that I could gather new and original ideas from it. See the pictures below to view/click to enlarge.

I also was very fascinated by images of the London Underground Tube map, and how he follows it whilst making his journey - Also I like the line art that is held within it - which is something that I would look to include in my digipak. I used Photoshop and Google Paint again to edit it, I wanted it to look different/distorted and more modern and interesting to the young generation of my target audience as well as recognisable to resemble the song title.

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