Friday, 16 March 2012

Coursework: Final Video

After spending time carefully planning, filming and editing the video I have finished with a final outcome. To view, watch below.

Soon after posting the video, i received messages through all types of social network media, they are all very similar, one of the first ones I got through is held below:

"I think this video shows the viewer a really good story. By filming the "mystery" persons white trainers, you instantly want to know more - such as who is he? whats his journey? I like the use of editing also, how the scenery changes but relates again on the chorus by using the chorus signs. It makes the whole story/footage come together. It does a great job of appealing to the younger audience with its black and white effect making it easy to view - such as the trainers standing out more, chorus signs, using a younger person as main character! I love it!!!"

As you can see I have uploaded the video on to Youtbe, social media platform for sharing videos with others worldwide, from this I could share the link on my Facebook and Twitter account, which would also be available to the public. By advertising this way, meant that I could connect to the young generation who are more in use with 
these social network sites. Below are screen shots from doing so:

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