Friday, 27 January 2012

Production List - Locations

As the song is called 'The City' and often mentions the words 'London' it is essential that my video takes place in London. I have places in mind that I would like to visit and film, however when I get there I may come across places that I hadn't thought of, so some of the places will be decided on the spot when I am there, to get too much footage rather than not enough. Also some things depend on what the place is like when I get there, For example I know that I would like to include the street performers - however when I get there, there may be none or perhaps too busy to catch on film.

Places in mind:
- London Underground
-Trafalgar Square
-Piccadilly Circus
-Leicester Square
-London Tower Bridge
-Covent Garden
- London Eye
-London Backstreet
-London telephone box

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