Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Music Video Producers and Influences

Other than just watching music videos to gain influence, I decided to research into successful or just starting out, music video production companies online. I found a site called 'Pixelloft' which has produced videos for many famous music artists, as well as smaller and less well known artists (of all different genres).A few examples of this could be Mclean, The Courtneers, McFly, Pendulum, Kids in Glass Houses and You Me At Six.

The music video director is Nick Barlett, who has been directing for over 7 years, creating a portfolio for more than ove 40 music videos. The style of video that he chooses to follow is along the lines of Storytelling with art and graphic direction. The company is based in Worcestershire, UK and Los Angeles, USA. To view the company site click the link
Below are some screen shots from the index page, and the work portfolio page: (Click images to enlarge)

I then searched online 'Ed Sheeran's Music Video Producers' and the first thing was too appear was the creators behind 'The A Team' which the company is called 'River Rush.' The creator and main contributor is called Ruskin Kyle, who has expirence in writing, directing, lighting camera and editing/adding effects. His earliest and most successful piece of work was creating 'The A Team' in which came Number 3 in UK Singles Chart, playlisted on major music channels on TV aswell as over 15 Million hits on YouTube. The site tells us that aswell as the standard music video format that the company also specialise in filming 'live' performances, studio and location shoots. The company are quite small, but up and coming in terms of numbers of videos they have created, however they can create the ideal video that the artist wishes on a small or big amount of budget money.
To view this site click the link:
Below are screen shots of sections of the site (Click images to enlarge)

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