Wednesday, 25 January 2012

List of People Involved

I will be working independently on this project, meaning planning, pre production, prop making and recording/editing etc.

I have asked a boy named Ricky Veale (Image above) to act as the centre role boy in which the music video will revolve around.  I asked him because I found he was free for the time period in which I was planning to record, so I knew that he would be reliable if we would have to go back to London for extra shots and also because he had done acting in the past, I felt he would follow instructions well. Also because he looks 'ordinary' in the fact he doesn't have a distinct stereotypical features to give away of which genre of music he likes so he will fit the role well playing the mysterious boy lost beyond the crowds in London. At the age of 19 with the style and look he carries he will be re presentable for many teenage boys that the video is aimed for.

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