Friday, 27 January 2012

Pre Production

Below will be a list of the equipment I will need  to think about/buy to carry out this project
Flip Camera
Computer - Editing Software

Props List:

- For the chorus I will need to have prepared cue card signs with the words 'London, Stranger and My Home' written in a black bold pen so that they will stand out on the camera.
- I will need a London underground tube map as I would like to experiment my ideas of using it to open up or end the video.

I am only having one person taking place in my video, I would need to think about the costume however I would just want an everday outfit, but consiting of dull/dark colours as I am planning to use black and white - I wouldn't want bright clothing. This would just be a leather jacket, trousers however the shoes I would want to be white because then they would stand out and also I am planning to focus on him walking so if they stand out it will catch the audience's eye.

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