Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ed Sheeran Music Videos

When trying to find a suitable artist and song that I would create a video for, It was  the style that Ed Sheeran's previous videos followed that attracted me to making one for him.

It took Ed Sheeran 1 EP, 2 Albums and 312 Gigs in the space of a year, to get noticed as a potential recording artist until he eventually got a signing.

I looked at his first proper music video - 'The A Team' which was the video that initially inspired me. The song is based on a true story, and he came up with it after meeting a young girl named Angel when doing voluntary work at a Crisis homeless shelter. 
He recorded the song for under £200 and the video itself for £20, which shows that it is not a high paid/quality video at all, which follows throughout the rest of the video - they look more amateur which I personally think appeals to the audience, than a high budget/unrealistic music video. 

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